Frequently Asked Questions for Greeting Cards

Can I send an e-card from your site? (How do I email a card?)

What paper do you print the cards on? Do they have a matte or glossy finish?

What size are the greeting cards?

What do greeting cards cost and how long does it take?

Are envelopes included?

Can I get a free sample?

Will colors match my screen/printer?

Can I print on the back of the card?

How are the cards printed?

Why can't I edit text and/or images?

Can I upload more than one image?

Can I include an image on the inside of the card?

Why can't I rotate my image or text?

My entire message doesn't show on my proof. What did I do wrong?

Can I change parts of the text to a different color or font?

Can I add a border to the inside of the card?

Can I use an image/cartoon from your site for my <project, website, etc.>?

Can I make a change to my order after I submit it?

Can I have my return address printed on the envelopes?

Can I provide a mailing list and have you mail my cards?

Can I use Safari/Firefox/Chrome/etc. to design my card?

I see a warning that Flash must be installed. Is this safe?

I see a puzzle piece and below it see "Click Here to Download Plugin". What does this mean?

Can I send the actual photo by mail? I don't have a scanner.

Do you ship outside the United States?

How can I contact you?



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