Photo Greeting Card Setup Guidelines


File format: RGB .JPG (max. quality: 12)
SMALL CARD (4.375"x5.625" image size)
150 dpi 843 x 656 pixels
200 dpi 1125 x 875 pixels
250 dpi 1093 x 1406 pixels
MEDIUM CARD (5.3"x6.825" image size)
150 dpi 1023 x 795 pixels
200 dpi 1365 x 1060 pixels
250 dpi 1325 x 1706 pixels
HUGE CARD (8.625"x11.125" image size)
150 dpi 1668 x 1293 pixels
200 dpi 2225 x 1725 pixels
250 dpi 2156 x 2781 pixels

Digital camera files of 2-3 megapixels should be adequate for most card sizes. View the chart for minimum recommended pixel counts for each card size.

You will have the option to resize your image in the design center, so don't worry if your pixel counts are not exactly those shown in the chart. But do keep in mind that low resolution images will most likely print poorly - especially if you enlarge them.

For best results when scanning or editing photos in your preferred image editing application, prepare your image at the final size it will be on the card. Recommended image sizes to fill the card front for each greeting card size are:

Maximum Image Size for Small Card: 4.375"x5.625"
Maximum Image Size for Medium Card: 5.3"x6.825"
Maximum Image Size for Huge Card: 8.625"x11.125"

File Format Required: .jpg
Required Color Mode: RGB
Resolution: 150-250 dpi at final size (min. 150 dpi required)




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